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About MCA Associates (Our Value Proposition)

MCA Associates is a team of Senior Consultants providing idea and Lean Thinking leadership to wholesale distribution and manufacturing companies that are committed to operational excellence…...and we have been doing that for over 23 years.

Our value added begins with our industry expertise, our understanding of the "key business drivers" that lead to success, and our ability to uncover the underlying issues that impact competitive advantage and a successful customer-centric and value-delivery approach to your business.

We bring an objective view, a fresh set of eyes, because we know where to look, and how to look.

Our value proposition is based on understanding your needs - and what your goals and aspirations are for your company - as well as for yourself, as an owner or senior manager. We try to understand the "pain" that often every company, owner or senior manager feels in reaching their goals and aspirations; the impacts, as well as the consequences of inaction.

Our value is in being able to provide the offerings and solutions, we possess, that can fill the "value-gap" between those pains and your goals and aspirations; in other words, the specific and measurable value which leads to a new or different reality for your organization and yourself.

MCA Associates provides operational excellence leadership in:

  • Competitive Advantage Assessments
  • "Lean Thinking"/Continuous Improvement Methods, Training & Implementation
  • Lean Thinking Full-Day Seminar/Workshops
  • Executive Brainstorming & Solution Development
  • Business Strategy Development & Implementation
  • Sales Revenue Management & Development
  • Business Process Re-engineering, Change Management, and Core Competency implementation
  • Performance Metrics For Efficiency & Effectiveness
  • Inventory & Supply Chain Management
  • ERP System Selection, Effective Utilization & R.O.I.
  • Distribution Center/Warehouse Management Productivity Improvement
  • Customer Engagement Diagnostics - "The Next Evolution"; On-line and Customizable
  • Pre-hire/Post-hire Performance Development Assessment Tools
  • Organizational Assessment & Development
  • Virtual Human Resources at:

We are frequent contributors to industry trade publications, such as "The Wholesaler", "Industrial Supply Magazine", and "Electrical Wholesaling".

As Principal of MCA Associates, Howard W. Coleman has worked with over 145 clients in distribution management and manufacturing consulting engagements. Howard has extensive hands-on experience in evaluating, streamlining and implementing value-added and continuous improvement solutions. He is recognized by his clients for having the necessary sensitivity and skills to develop organizations and people to new levels of effectiveness.

Howard has over 35 years of business management experience, including over 23 years as a management consultant. He has held corporate management positions in distribution operations management, materials and inventory management, as well as customer service, and has authored many articles on distribution and manufacturing improvement topics in industry trade publications.

Tel: 203-732-0603

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