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Individual Insight - I2 Pre-Hire/Post-Hire Assessments & Performance Development Tools

Hire the "right" candidate that "fits" your organization. Reduce hiring costs, turnover, and encourage employee performance development. You can reduce turnover and hiring failures by up to 50%.

Read more……"Predicting Future Job Performance - there is a R.O.I.

"How To Screen Out Salesperson Duds & Hire Superstars"

We provide assessment tools for evaluating "behavioral style", "motivation" and "selling skills" for:

  • Pre-employment screening
  • New employee hire development
  • Existing employee performance review and development


  • Screen out negative or asocial candidates, before hiring
  • Cut down on interviews and speed the hiring process
  • Evaluate the "fit" of existing employees for new positions and promotions
  • Develop and expand the potential of existing employees
  • Save the time and cost of training the wrong person
  • Improve productivity and professionalism
  • Increase outside and inside sales by evaluating "selling skill" training requirements

We are offering a free assessment for one of your current employees or new hire candidates. Choose any one of our three most popular assessment tools. Our highly effective and validated assessment tools are extremely easy to use and all can be completed online!

  • "Success Factor Analysis" - The "SFA" is the core of our assessment tools and compares employee candidates (pre-hire) or existing employees (post-hire) to successful people in the same type of job, using our job specific databases (from clerical to Executive). It is available in eight different languages, and is designed to provide just the right amount of information you need. It can be customized based on your requirements for the position. It takes 15 minutes to complete online.

    Click here for a sample "SFA"

  • "Sales Skills Index" - The "SSI" is Invaluable when used pre or post-hire to assess inside and outside selling skills. This highly advanced assessment compares sales people against top performers. It provides valuable insight as to the "range of their sales expertise" and evaluates their selling skills and ability to strategize for sales success in highly competitive sales environments. It takes 45 minutes to complete online.

    Click here for a sample "SSI"

  • "Reliability Register" - Designed to help choose employees, in high turnover positions, who are trustworthy, conscientious, and dependable. It measures reliability, integrity, work ethic, and response to supervision. This includes front-line supervisors, semi-skilled and factory/warehouse personnel, route drivers, and service and installation personnel. It takes 15 minutes to complete online

    Click here for a sample "Reliability Register

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