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The Roadmap To Operational Excellence

A Competitive Advantage Assessment The Roadmap To Operational Excellence from MCA Associates will identify significant improvements and positive changes you can make that will put your company on the road to operational excellence.Utilizing our Continuous Improvement Model,we’ll apply lean thinking and continuous improvement methodology so you see bottom line results – fast!

You’ll quickly discover which areas of your organization negatively impact customer satisfaction, revenue and profitability growth…and increase operational costs.

Take Your Business to the Next Level with a Competitive Advantage Assessment:

  • Heighten productivity
  • Find opportunities for greater profitability
  • Increase market share
  • Deepen customer loyalty
  • Improve talent retention

Your Takeaway: An Opportunities and Action Plan will identify two or three critical objectives to be accomplished within the next six months or sooner. For each objective, the plan describes:

  • A clear, simple and measurable goal
  • Changes necessary to overcome the barriers to improvement
  • "Owners" within the company who will be accountable for results
  • A step-by-step outline detailing the continuous improvement required for achieving each objective
  • Deliverables, due dates and responsible party

Your Customized Action Plan takes you the distance because we:

Identify root causes. In our experience, it is important to master the details of business processes in order to uncover root causes. We do not try to fit your business into some re-engineering philosophy or jump straight from symptom to solution.

Move quickly. The risk of failure in any project quadruples as the timeline doubles. It’s a fact!

Stay focused. We intentionally limit the number of objectives for action so you can apply your resources to solve the most pressing problems first.

Foster continuous improvement. Although the Opportunities and Action Plan defines clear, simple, measurable goals, it is not meant to be a final scorecard.Continuous improvement is a journey, not a destination. The continuous improvement process stays with your company long after the Competitive Advantage Assessment is completed.

Here’s How It Works:

A Confidential Survey of your employees gives us insight into your organizational dynamics. You also provide a confidential package of company information, financials, strategic plans or major initiatives, sales demographics, compensation information and other relevant data, which enables us to do our homework and target our on-site activities.

Survey results from our confidential employee survey deepen our understanding. One-on-one interviews with key personnel increase our knowledge of your major business processes.

Constraints and barriers in both process effectiveness and organizational effectiveness are identified. We look for unclear responsibilities, negative attitudes and behavior styles, and negative performance incentives.

De-briefings of the owners and/or executive staff keep you in the loop each day we are on-site. We always keep you abreast of our findings.

You receive the Opportunities and Action Plan in writing at the conclusion of the Competitive Advantage Assessment. For every major finding,we discuss the evidence, symptoms or constraint, and the significance – its impact on the bottom line and customer satisfaction. We do not sugarcoat issues.

Our recommendations are based on our experience and knowledge of industry best practices. The Opportunities and Action Plan addresses the most critical areas including processes, measurement, incentive changes, accountability, and performance criteria changes required to overcome organizational barriers.

A follow-up teleconference (at no cost to you) is held 30 days after the assessment is complete, to review progress and help you resolve issues. If you decide to address all or some of the issues on your own, you have a roadmap to operational excellence.

If you elect to engage MCA Associates,we credit a portion of the cost of the Competitive Advantage Assessment. MCA Associates will provide a proposal if we feel that we can deliver real value to the implementation process, beyond your company’s capabilities and resources.

Tel: 203-732-0603

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